The Charcoal Man is a wholesale distributer for Renewable Carbon Resources.

Renewable Carbon Resources Australia
(RCRA) is an Australian owned and operated business producing Queensland manufactured Charcoal-Carbon (Biochar) products. Karen Siepen has been involved in the charcoal manufacturing industry since 2005. Under her leadership, the business has grown to be a leading force in the manufacture of Charcoal-Carbon for heating and cooking, and in recent times has expanded production into agriculture, horticulture and water purification. The Charcoal-Carbon manufacturing plant is located near Charleville, in South West Queensland.

Charcoal Suppliers Brisbane

Charcoal-Carbon is charcoal manufactured specifically to hold a maximum amount of carbon within its structure. Carbon is a building block of life, and carbon found within the soil is an important contributor to the growth of healthy plants. RCRA produces charcoal products that add carbon to the soil and enhances soil vitality. This carbon also assists in retaining water and sequestors carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the air. RCRA products assist in reducing greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere by trapping the carbon in the charcoal. There is another way RCRA aides the environment. By removing the feedsource from termites, RCRA is helping to reduce methane emmissions as well. Termites emit extremely large amounts of methane and methane is 25 times worse for the environment than Co2. (read more...)

Science is working tirelessly to research this topic, and progress has been made. Science has determined that Charcoal-Carbon or Biochar as it is also known increases productivity levels of soils. Science has also shown that soil carbon levels play an enormous part in the general health of soils and the interaction of CO2 released into the atmosphere. One very important discovery that science has made is that RCRA Charcoal-Carbon has achieved a high carbon retention level which means we are providing a quality carbon product. Utilising ancient wisdom and techniques coupled with modern machinery and innovative ideas, RCRA is supporting Australians in the quest for an eco positive and environmentally sound country. To achieve this goal RCRA invites every Australian to do a little through Deco-Carbon and Carbon8 because everyone doing a little means a lot gets done. Won‘t you join us in making a difference?

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